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For everyone who doesn't know that I am in America….. By the way, I am in America (Indiana) right now. I started thinking about being an foreign exchange student not even a year ago. And now I am nearly 5 month hanging out in the other half of the world and I am already so far that I call this place my second home.

I am an exchange student from the organization AFS (American Field Service). I applied in spring 2017 and participate in 3 AFS orientations in Germany. 3 weeks before I was sitting in the airplane to America I got the email from AFS that they found a guest family for me.
I was very excited and a bit nervous but always fine and never worried because I looked forward the whole time. Finally I ended up in Coatesville Indiana on the Heritage Lake. With Dad Allen (32) mom Olivia (28) brother Jacob (12) sister Ava (10) little sister Lillian (9) and little brother Jasper (4) I got a very young, active, cool and absolute lovely family!
The weather in Indiana was pretty hot in the first couple weeks. (30-38°C) I had to go to school right after the third day and joint into the football team at the same time. Somehow Olivia was able to get a bike and surprised me with that. I rode to practice and some other trips but not very often. I just don't have the time for that and it’s also not my main sport at this time.
I enjoyed every second in and around the football team. Football is a big thing over here but how big, could even I never imagine. The brotherhood and the family feeling in this team was something new and totally incredible to me. I was the new kicker on the varsity and the junior varsity football team. I am not a soccer player in Germany at all but apparently I was better than every American. Kicker was the best what could possible happen to me because that gave me the opportunity to play “Friday Night Lights” and don’t get hurt after my first game. ;) And even better I played and trained in the fancy positions like wide-receiver, running-back, tight-end and wingman during the 2 ½ hour to 3 hours practices 5 times a week. Football was the best thing in the first couple month of my exchange year. I cannot believe how fast it went until it was over. In the end of my one and only football season I scored 16 points for our best school team. I think that was awesome and appreciate that the coaches gave me this experience. I am saying that because I see all the kids who practice, watched and dreamed about being part of the football team their entire lives and I just came there, never played football before and I get the opportunity to play and to score. I am just thankful for that.
We (all the AFS exchange students) visited Chicago in October. It was raining the entire trip. What was a bit annoying on top of the double-decker bus during the 2h city trip but was just fun for the rest of the trip.
Olivia bought me an unicorn costume and we started an Instagram account for our unicorn advantages. Follow us on Insta #thepinkfluffyunicornusa
Football is over, now I try wrestling. Wrestling is different. It’s not that big like football but still fun and people are going to watch it. I never participate in the sport like that….. Wrestling/ fighting was never a thing for me even if I fight a lot in and for my other sports. I always had to fight against my own body, never against other people. The fist half of the wrestling season is over now and I still like it. The practices are hard and I have to watch what I eat to make my weight class. I don't know how but somehow I won my first wrestling match….. that was pretty insane to me but showed me that there is a way and if I continue working on my mistakes I can do it. Just by the way I lost all the other wrestling matches during this season (5of them). In the next few days day's I have another match (actually 5).
Because I joint so early in a sport it was easy to make friends ….. now it’s time to figure it out who are the real and who are fake. My English is doing fine. And I cannot wait for the next half of my exchange year. I thing the hardest part is over now and I am looking forward to have a lot of fun in the next coming half. I hope that gives a small and good overview of my special year here in the USA. I also write a daily journal. So if you have some questions or if you wan t that u keep you posted, than send me your name and your number and I will put you in my intern WhatsApp group.
Best greetings from American your Micah

PS: I want to use that change to say thank You to my family who made that happen and to my girlfriend Hanna. She is the most important person in my live and I cannot believe what she is doing for our relationship right now. I let you know that I appreciate that a lot and love you to the moon and back!

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